Join us in in opening up the built environment.

Get Involved!


We are asking for students and staff to get involved in celebrating and amplifying hidden and underrepresented voices, narratives, and agendas. Together we can shape our collective future.


A memorial for the Bengal Famine, outside the British Museum (Photo credit M. Gautam, 2021)

Get involved!

For us to create a diverse built environment for all, we need your contributions for both our Laboratory and Library sections. 

We are asking for both students and staff to get involved.

Staff & Students: We are particularly seeking references that staff are currently using to bring awareness to underrepresented voices, narratives, and agendas, and look beyond colonial ideas within the built environment. We need your help to address the imbalance of knowledge and narrative.

Students & Staff: Is your work or references bringing awareness to underrepresented voices, narratives, and agendas, or looking beyond colonial ideas within the built environment? If so please share with your Bartlett community.

How to share

Have something to share? Simply complete the submission form and we can add your contributions to the website once a term. You can submit more than once and to both our Laboratory and Library sections.
Help us share this resource by letting colleagues and peers within the faculty know.


If you have any questions about how you can get involved with Bartlett Alternative email the Bartlett Equality Diversity and Inclusion team and quote “Bartlett Alternative”.



Join us in diversifying our collective curriculum for a truly inclusive built environment.

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