Guang yu Ren

MoHoA: A Global Collective on Modern Heritage of Africa, Modern Heritage of Anthropocene

Guang yu Ren introduces MoHoA as a global collaborative focusing on modern heritage in all its forms, presenting the paradox of being of modernity and yet threatened by its consequences.

Guang yu Ren talks to Bartlett Alternative on A Global Collective on Modern Heritage of Africa (Photo credit S. Lever, 2022)

It is originally conceived in the African context because the continent encapsulates the historical inequities that characterise the modern and its associated notions of development and progress, whilst the highest rates of urbanisation demands equitable and sustainable futures on a planetary scale.

MoHoA aims to achieve a re-conceptualisation of ‘modern’ heritage that is relieved of Eurocentric, homogenous, universalising, developmental and colonial associations, reframes as an inherently plural and planetary phenomenon that heralded the Anthropocene.

The international railway settlement of Fushun (northeast China), with its modern town planning and the Ryuho Colliery, built by Denang and Siemens, and home to one of the world’s largest open cast mines in the 1930s


Name Guang yu Ren (she/her)
Role Staff
Department The Bartlett School of Architecture

Film: Sarah Lever
Post Editing: Sarah Lever and Isaac Nanabeyin Simpson


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