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Architecture For The Future

"Yasmeen Lari: Architecture For the Future" is a rich exploration of the extraordinary life and work of celebrated architect Yasmeen Lari, shared by the Bartlett Faculty Climate Curriculum Working Group.

Selection of pages from Yasmeen Lari: Architecture For The Future published in 2023

Exploring themes such as postcolonialism, human rights, climate change, and vernacular innovation

“Architecture For The Future”  delves into the remarkable journey of acclaimed architect Yasmeen Lari, recipient of the prestigious 2023 RIBA Royal Gold Medal. Edited by Angelika Fitz, Elke Krasny, and Marvi Mazhar, the volume illuminates Lari’s evolution from a distinguished modernist architect to a pioneering advocate of Zero Carbon Architecture, merging ecological principles with social justice.

As the first woman to establish her architecture firm in Pakistan in 1964, Lari’s innovative approach has reshaped the global architectural landscape. Through a rich collection of photographs, drawings, and plans from Lari’s personal archive, the book unveils her groundbreaking designs and projects, many of which are revealed to the public for the first time.

Beyond conventional architectural solutions, Lari’s ethos revolves around systemic thinking and community engagement, evident in her work spanning housing initiatives, heritage preservation, and zero-carbon shelters for vulnerable communities. The book features insightful essays by an array of international contributors, exploring themes such as postcolonialism, human rights, climate change, and vernacular innovation, all contextualizing Lari’s impactful contributions. 


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