Dr Azadeh Mashayekhi

‘For the War Yet to Come: Planning Beirut’s Frontier’

Dr Azadeh Mashayekhi presents ‘For the War Yet to Come: Planning Beirut’s Frontier’ a book by Hiba Bou Akar looking at urban planning in areas of conflict.

Hiba Bou Akar, For the War Yet to Come: Planning Beirut’s Frontiers (Palo Alto: Stanford University Press, 2018).

This book makes a great contribution to the scholarship on Middle East urbanism and the broader field of urban studies. The book offers a rich analysis of the shifting landscape of planning and development in the southern suburbs of Beirut and examines the spatial manifestation of religious and political struggle and conflict.

This book offers theoretical and empirical insight into the role of the state and religious-political organisation in the planning and development, and documents how religious-political groups have harnessed urban development activities to reconfigure the urban logic of Beirut along sectarian lines.


Name Dr Azadeh Mashayekhi (she/her)
Role Staff
Department The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


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