Jane Wong


Surge, a piece of poetry by Bernard, Chatto and Windus is presented by Jane Wong which captures the stories of the New Cross Fire of 1981.

Front cover of Jay Bernard's book Surge

Surge captures the stories of the New Cross Fire of 1981

In many tongues, sometimes singular, sometimes in chorus, ‘Surge’ gives voice to the stories captured in the black British archive on the New Cross Fire of 1981, and all that which falls outside of the archival boxes – the unresolved silences, the textures and rhythms of dance and patois, the rage and the grief – in a poetic form that weaves together the space of the archive, the song and action, that is at once operative as an incantation for justice, and as a transmitter of history’s echoes and ghosts that still haunt the margins of collective memory.


Name Jane Wong (she/her)
Role Staff
Department The Bartlett School of Architecture


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