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The Landscape Urbanism Reader

The 2006 "The Landscape Urbanism Reader" by Charles Waldheim is recommended by the Bartlett Faculty Climate Curriculum Working Group.


Cover of The Landscape Urbanism Reader

Defining and exploring the emerging discipline of landscape urbanism

Published in 2006 “The Landscape Urbanism Reader” by Charles Waldheim, an influential figure in the field, presents a comprehensive collection of essays that define and explore the emerging discipline of landscape urbanism. Waldheim, Associate Dean and Director of the Landscape Architecture Program at the University of Toronto, brings together leading practitioners from various disciplines to provide insights into the origins, current context, and future aspirations of landscape urbanism.

Through fourteen essays by renowned figures, the reader gains a deep understanding of this evolving field. These essays delve into the integration of landscape architecture with urban planning, offering innovative approaches to address the challenges of twenty-first-century cities.

“The Landscape Urbanism Reader” acts as a valuable resource for students, educators, architects, and urban planners. With its diverse perspectives and thought-provoking insights, this book contributes significantly to the discourse surrounding contemporary urbanism and landscape architecture. 



This reference was recommended by the Bartlett Climate Curriculum Working Group.

The working group serves as a collaborative platform for staff, students, and professional services staff from the 13 institutes and departments within the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment. Participation in the group is voluntary, with a focus on gathering recommendations for resources that explore the intersectional and multidisciplinary aspects of the climate emergency and social justice. Despite the global nature of the climate crisis, its social repercussions disproportionately affect marginalized communities, highlighting the urgent need for action. The list of recommended references is continuously expanding through collective efforts. Bartlett Alternative acknowledges and appreciates the Working Group’s ongoing dedication in promoting the sharing of diverse works and resources, by amplifying underrepresented voices, narratives, and agendas.


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