Shaunee Lyn Tan

Working Towards a Pluriversity: progressive conversations, NOT solutions

In light of recent events, such as George Floyd’s death, we have granted ourselves the liberation of being able to address the idea of race and thus the realisation of how evident it is that change needs to happen. Shaunee Lyn Tan explores further.

Cover Image – ‘A Portrait of Lived Experiences’ [Photo Credit: Shaunee Lyn Tann] Best,

This essay explores the unconscious bias we hold towards race, space, and the ecological disaster. As a profession we design buildings, but more importantly we design the spaces within and around these buildings. If these are not inviting to all social and identity groups, then we have failed in creating somewhere safe and inclusive. I write as to locate my thoughts and experiences within the wider context of spaces which I occupy and systems which I partake in – looking specifically at how this change can begin with architectural education.

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Name Shaunee Lyn Tan
Role Student
Programme (and Unit) MArch PG U10


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