Alex Kolar (Student) / Architecture (Post Graduate)

Cabildo de Pacha (Council of Earth)

Kolar investigates the reintegration of Spanish Colonial architecture in the context of an indigenous society called the Muisca.

Cabildo Context, Axonometric (A. Kolar , 2021)

A permanent home for the Muisca Cabildo

The project establishes a permanent home for the Muisca Cabildo (town council) in Suba, Bogotá. It seeks to introduce a main library space, office spaces for the town council, as well a public Muisca garden within Suba Central Square.

Inspiration for this project came initially from the Spanish roof tile. Kolar was interested in how adding another function to the tile other than that of rain screening changed its form, function and character. This led Kolar to proposing two tiles for this project – these became the design drivers for the Muisca Cabildo. The site is located in Northern Bogotá in the Locality of Suba, on the North-western corner of Suba Central Square.

The urban planning device of the ‘square’ has become a symbol of Spanish colonialism. It is a physical representation of the imposed ‘order’ brought to Colombia by the Spanish Conquistadors. Plaza Mayor was the first square to be established in what is now Bogotá, the format of which followed the classic urban model of colonial towns.

External Walkway Leading to the Muisca Archive (A. Kolar , 2021)

View of Muisca Ritual Courtyard. This perspective is taken during the morning of the Muisca Harvest Festival. The preparations are evident through the arrangement of fruit and flowers.(A. Kolar , 2021)


Name Alex Kolar (he/him)
Role Student (year 4)
Programme (and Unit) Architecture (Post Graduate Unit 18)
Department The Bartlett School of Architecture


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