Tyler Ebanja

Degree’s of Exchange: Exploring Community, Culture and Place through the lens of Materiality

Through an architectural and material intervention this programme aims to explore multiplicity within identity and culture by developing a language of architecture that helps Tyler Ebanja to investigate and reveal ‘who I am’; while additionally allowing the architecture to act as a potential space to have educational and intimate experiences to connect societies and cultures, to ultimately create a sense of belonging.

(T. Ebanja, 2020)

Ebanja is looking to define a language of architecture that will outline and embody Ebanja’s  heritage in a built form, turning towards creating a material palette through the resources of the lands that defines our heritage of the black diaspora in Britain. A space that materialises and allows for storytelling and sharing lived experiences—an intimate kind of education as it is bound by the humans and people with the intent of educating without patronising. A space that acts as an assemblage and a series of networks that needs to be maintained to finally create a sense of belonging within culture using a language of architecture and materiality that speaks of the merging and the agglomeration of these identities.

(T. Ebanja, 2020)

(T. Ebanja, 2020)


Name Tyler Ebanja
Role Student
Programme (and Unit) BSc Architectural and Interdisciplinary Studies
Department The Bartlett School of Architecture


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