Giles Nartey

Finding Artefacts

Giles Nartey investigates how the reading of a city and ways to disguise architecture and communities to help preserve them.

The new territory is proposed within an urban glitch which is disguised as a shop opening. The print alley becomes a way of entering the portal

The project proposes a new digital territory within Euljiro for the relocation of a printing community. The project is conceptually concerned with the parallel reading of a city and ways to disguise pieces of architecture and communities within an urban context to preserve them. The projects aims to critique the idea of force redevelopment of industrial areas occupied by the working class inhabitants in favour for gentrified areas. The project also also plays with the limits of preservation and trying to suggest a 21st century mode of preservation asking the question of how we will experience the lost architectures and communities after they are gone.

more about the project here

Storyboard sequence of interaction

Scanned Territories


Name Giles Nartey
Role Student
Department The Bartlett School of Architecture


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