Arinjoy Sen (Alumni)

Rituals of Resistance: Narratives of critical inhabitation

Sen's project addresses the contested inhabitation of fragile ecosystems in the Sundarbans, situated in the borderlands of Bangladesh and India

Airnjoy Sen talking to Bartlett Alternative onRituals of Resistance: Narratives of critical inhabitation (Photo credit S. Lever, 2022)

Sen proposes a self-sustained productive settlement that fosters a construction of spatial identity while elevating the significance of indigenous land stewardship. Additionally, the settlement seeks to increase the ritual narrative practices of marginalised and hybridised identities, as a means to resist erasure, through the apparatus of a travelling theatre.

'An Evolving Artefact'. The painting becomes an evolving document, constantly changing with the development of the building; a record of evolution representing the narrative of the building and community.

'Space, Narrative, and Identity'. The project utilises the medium of ‘Pattachitra’ or traditional scroll painting, borrowing from rituals of storytelling in Bengali folk culture, to develop a spatial narrative.

'Negotiating Narratives of Resistance'. The project utilises the apparatus of the jatra or travelling Bengali folk theatre to disseminate the Sundarban peoples’ narrative of oppression and their resistance.


Name Arinjoy Sen
Role Ex-Student
Deparment The Bartlett School of Architecture

Film: Sarah Lever
Post Editing: Sarah Lever and Isaac Nanabeyin Simpson


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