Adriana Allen, Cassidy Johnson, Emmanuel Osuteye & Rita Lambert

Urban Africa Risk Knowledge (Urban ARK): Disrupting risk accumulation through enhanced local capacities across the Global South

How can cities in the global south alleviate the effects of urban risks? Professor Adriana Allen, Professor Cassidy Johnson, Dr. Emmauel Osuteye and Dr Rita Lambert investigate what can be done.

Disaster management committees established in communities in Freetown, Sierra Leone (photo credit A. Allen, 2018)

Research partnerships led by The Bartlett Development Planning Unit (DPU) with local communities and policy makers in Karonga (Malawi) and Freetown (Sierra Leone) have improved governance instruments for fairer, more sustainable and climate resilient outcomes.

This has helped cities in the Global South to avoid – and alleviate the effects of – urban ‘risk traps’. Risk traps occur when daily health hazards like poor access to water, sanitation or food meet with episodic threats such as flood or fires, in environments where capacity to manage these risks is limited.

This was part of an ambitious £3.3 million DFID/ESRC funded research programme.

Links to websites and videos of work:
Urban Ark
“Breaking Cycles of Risk Accumulation in African Cities”
“Helping cities in the Global South manage different types of risk”

Trained community residents work on producing hazard hotspot maps (Photo credit, E. Osuteye, 2018)

Trained community residents in Freetown, map disaster hotspots using georeferenced mobile applications (photo credit R. Lambert, 2018).


Name Dr Emmanuel Osuteye (he / him)
Role Staff
Department The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


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